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First Photos: Danielle Staub’s Hideous Sex Tape.

Ahh, that's the money shot.
It's all about the Benjamins kids.

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Danielle Staub wants you to understand she had no choice…»

What the hell is this sh*t? NJ Housewife and fame whore Danielle Staub already haunted our nightmares last night when news broke that she has a sex tape lingering around…and now pictures have hit the net courtesy of TMZ. I’m no fool here, Danielle recorded this boring looking sex tape just last week because she needs some money since her ex-husband isn’t giving her a dime and bitch don’t have a job.

And…and because she looks the same! This chick better not say she recorded this tape years ago because she looks exactly like she does today…like shit!


Source: TMZ
Money can't buy me class.

I am a very cheeky girl.
Look into my uhm eyes...
You know what they say I am just laughing all the way to the bank.
Ahh, that's the money shot.

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  • tiny little ones

    well……. you must admit…..she has nice chimichangas………how is the lawn? it is manicured or just grown all wild like??

  • Rick Derris

    She was visiting Red Bank once and wanted me to fuck her, but I said NO FRIGGIN WAY!

    This skank should let a real mom raise her two kids. They don’t need to see their whore mother sucking dick on screen. She worked as a hooker and was a coke-head. She should NEVER HAVE REPRODUCED!

  • marmar

    I’m sorry but she is just fugly…
    maybe if they put a paper bag over her face it would be more bearable …
    sorry nope….

  • kellie

    uhm .. if getting $10,000/mon. = “her ex-husband isn’t giving her a dime”, then damn .. i wish my ex-husband wasn’t giving me a dime too.

    she’s a joke. a very, very sad and unfunny joke.

  • davebutter

    Hustler tells media it is all set to distribute a 75 minute tape, featuring Jersey’s most hated Housewife Danielle Staub – and mother of two — in a naked romp with a mystery man.


  • Yeah LL’s Imposter,
    first Dina would bite her and then Danielle & Dina would have a sex tape together!

  • Lindsay Lohan’s imposter

    Ew Dina should bite her

  • W.A.M
    would you consider her a “pathetic, disgusting SLAG” even if she wasn’t filming herself? Seems like you’re not FOR Danielle any way you look at her…hence your name.

  • Women against women

    She’s filming herself!!! What a pathetic, disgusting SLAG!

  • Christopher,
    if the porn industry is hurting for money, they sure as hell better not look to Danielle to make them any money. I’m not a porn watcher but if I was I would NOT want to look at a woman that’s the same age as my damn mother. If you see it, tell me how it is though. =)

  • The video looks like it was made last week. Look Porn is a legitimate enterprise in America. I think if you do a video like this you are hardly embarrassed. Look what it did for Paris Hilton. On the show Danielle Staub definitely seems like a psycho and is for sure the villiain on RHONJ. On the video she looks like she is comfortable in her element and like she shoots sex videos on a daily or weekly basis. If this is her new means of income, though the porn industry is hurting relative to its glory days, she could probably make a good amount of money in a year or two and be set for life.