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Facebook Growth has come to a halt.


Will Mark Zuckerberg be replaced by twitter?

From the unscrupulous kid who helped replace Myspace, which replaced Friend Finder, which replaced texting, which replaced email, which replaced talking with your mouth,Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged that the social network’s rapid growth has finally slowed. It seems that Zuckerberg was paying nearly as much attention to rival social network Twitter than invading Facebook users’ privacy. In fact, Zuckerberg was reportedly more threatened by Twitter than talking to members of the opposite sex.

Sitting down with Inside Facebook, a news site devoted to all things related to Facebook, Zuckerberg made the following remarks regarding Twitter:

“I look at their rate and thought if this continues for 12 months or 18 months, then in a year they’re [Twitter] going to be bigger than us…It just turned out that their growth rate was kind of unnatural. They got a lot of media attention, and it grew very quickly for a little period of time,.” Adding, “We saw our exponential growth rate continue for a very long period of time, and it still does at a super-linear rate, though not quite 3% a week any more.

That’s not exactly a depressing statement and in no way is an indicator that Zuckerberg will be moving back in with parents anytime soon, but the sudden halt in growth could sadly put a sudden dent in Zuckerberg’s sweatshirt hoodie budget.

Notwithstanding, Facebook is well on its way to adding 1 billion users any day now. Of course those loft numbers may all but evaporate as more and more grandmas start opening accounts and giving their thoughts on the sexual appetite of TV land while all the cool kids groan and swiftly migrating to twitter.

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  • Joey

    Awww…poor little Mark. Does this mean he’ll stop spying on us.

  • Kerry

    Zuckerberg is the worst!