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Danielle Staub, ‘Real Housewives of NJ’ star implicated in sex tape.


Tinseltown only works if you have a sex tape to go.

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In the latest sweepstakes sweeping America called; “If you’re a famous hussy and if you’ve made a sex tape we can’t wait to see it,” comes the revelation that the newest member to that prestigious club is very bad girl Danielle Staub. The fact that Staub is purported to have a contentious past that includes drug dealing and prostitution should only add fuel to the fire to her reputation, which it seems is now going to include public sex kitten. Or to be succinct wholesale slut.


Hustler Inc. tells us it is all set to distribute a 75 minute tape, featuring Jersey’s most hated Housewife — and mother of two — in a naked romp with a mystery man.

A rep from Hustler tells us the tape was shot last September — several months after 47-year old Staub first appeared on the Bravo reality show.  The tape is set to be released on June 14.

In any case the children are all going to be rounded off the streets of NJ soon as it becomes revealed that certain residents are more inclined to debase themselves than others (never mind that those residents are often the first to partake in such scenes behind closed doors) and life in NJ this summer becomes a little scarier thanks to infamous housewife Danielle Staub. Which is kind of ironic, cause last time we checked housewives weren’t going about making sex tapes for porn syndicates, but then again it is a brave new world.

TMZ: A rep for Staub had no comment on the story.

What comment can you possibly make when everything will soon be a grunt.

Source: TMZ

Danielle Staub; Vixen, Glitter and Star..

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