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Daniel Hughes wants to explain how he embezzled $300 000 to spend on hookers and transvestites.


The finer behavior of union bosses.

Daniel Hughes has a huge urge to introduce himself as the newly convicted union boss caught embezzling his members money for the sole use of his fantasy life. What type of fantasy life exactly? Let’s find out…

NY Post:

A married, obese former president of a Port Authority union admitted yesterday in court to embezzling nearly $300,000 in member dues and using the cash for tawdry hook-ups with prostitutes, casino trips and lavish meals, sources told The Post.

Daniel Hughes, 49, who resigned in disgrace from the local Field Supervisor Association, admitted to Judge Eric Vitaliano in Brooklyn federal court that he stole the cash from January 2005 to last December — bankrupting the account for his 250 members.

Nice work if you can get it away with it. Of course the obvious question everyone wants to know is what type of hookers did our boy Dan hire? Did he prefer ones with drug habits, spanking tendencies, abuse tactics or maybe all of the above?
“They hooked up in cheap hotels,” the source added, including the Kew Motor Inn along the Grand Central Parkway, which bills itself on its Web site as “the most famous and exotic couples-friendly motel/hotel in Queens!!”

He also took his dates to the Pelham Garden Motel in The Bronx and the posh Bowery Hotel in the East Village.

Hughes also used the union’s ATM card to access a Web site that advertises personal ads placed by transsexuals, although the gender of his hookers was not immediately clear.

Transexuals? Hell, if it was us we would of hired a few celebrity ho’s like Lilo and what ever she could drag out of the crack den at that time of day.
The scam unraveled in December when Hughes began calling in sick and other officials at the union realized their bills were not being paid, a source said. Why call sick, when you can hire them bitches to be your new janitor boys and have them drop by when class is out? Of course Danny’s problems ran deeper than just an uncontrollable predilection for the tawdry and the slutty…

Hughes told the judge he was under psychiatric care for posttraumatic-stress disorder, bipolar disorder and depression.

“I’ve been institutionalized a few times,” he acknowledged.

Hughes also said he was being prescribed at least five medications by his doctors, as well as Ambien “to help me sleep.”

“Every time I see a drug advertised on TV, I take it,” he said.

Which is to  say if those tranny’s ever advertised for a 2 dick to one vagina special Dan would’ve been on the phone right away. In the end the world will continue revolving, Dan will continue on his medications and his fantasies and the members are shit all out of money and dirt poor. Now that’s a fantasy Danny boy won’t dare go near…