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Thomas Jane has a Small Dick.

Now I don’t know about you, but I love it when a man gets straight to the point because I don’t have time to bullshit around.
Actor and star of Hung, Thomas Jane, did just that during an interview with Men’s Fitness. Now on his television show, tons of women pay a lot of money to be sexually pleasured by him because apparently his dick is as powerful as God himself. But according to Jane himself, he’s not even packing enough to make you want to look twice saying, “I’m a textbook average guy. I’m 5’10”, I wear a model suit size — 40 regular, 32-inch waist pant — and a size 10 shoe. Everything about me is prototypical. Everything. I even have a right-down-the middle-exactly-average dick.”

Guy, everything about you isn’t prototypical, everything about you sucks big time; especially that whole thing about you having a small dick. Ladies, and some gentleman, this is a pure example of why you shouldn’t sleep with a man whose shoe size is smaller than 12.

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