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Oral sex is no longer necessary to get what you want from your husband, a gentle pat on the back will suffice.


For generations, women have been taught that a good meal, followed by some equally good lovin’ is the best way to get what you want from a man. So for decades women have slaved in kitchens and wandered about with the aches and pains lockjaw…but wasn’t it worth it for those Jimmy Choos? Fortunately according to a new study those days are long gone.

Scientists, through extensive research, have finally made the world an easier place to handle when it comes to ascertaining the materialistic needs for women. Seems a woman’s touch “makes people more likely to take financial risks and more accepting when others take risks.” Which is another way of saying not even a hand job is necessary anymore.

Psychological Science reports that “even the briefest contact” from a woman resulted in the participants in the study, who were playing a financial game, to make “risks” that a man’s touch or no touch at all couldn’t evoke. Which is another way according to our Editor here of saying if as a woman so much looks at a man with wet lips he is in trouble.

If only my parted lips could lead to a pay raise one day….

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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