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Michelle Thomas is sexually frustrated.


The awful things that sometimes happen when a woman doesn’t ‘get off.

It’s time to meet Michelle Thomas. She’s the hot new slut in town who wants to let you know now that if you don’t please her in bed there will be consequences. What type of consequences? Very serious ones…

A US woman has been accused of stabbing her husband with scissors because she was unhappy with his performance in bed.

Michelle Thomas, 26, was arrested on Tuesday after police were called around 1am to the couple’s house in the east Texas town of Hudson, Lufkin Daily News reports.

Which begs the question, what was hubby doing wrong? Was there no foreplay, were the scissors only used after foreplay, was Michelle not staring deeply into hubby’s eyes or was hubby just not feeling it?

The man told police Ms Thomas became angry with him after a sex session left her unsatisfied. He said Ms Thomas grabbed a pair of scissors and began slashing him, according to court papers.

He’s lucky she didn’t grab the axe laying by the dresser. C’mon hubby, your wife’s orgasm is always of utmost importance to her and you just have to respect Missy’s determination to have thought provocative love with you. The scissors were supposed to get you extra horny- duh!

Ms Thomas was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, although the man told officers he didn’t want to press charges, according to Lufkin Daily News.

Ms Thomas faces up to 20 years in jail.

20 years. That’s going to be a long stretch for Michelle, let’s hope she can find someone on the inside that will ‘service’ the way she needs to be serviced…