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Lawrence Taylor ONLY Masturbated in front of Prostitute.


As you all should know, last week ex-NFL player & Dancing with the Stars loser Lawrence Taylor was arrested for being caught with an underage prostitute. In his defense, (yes I wrote it), the chick did lie to him saying she was 19-years-old when she was in fact only actually sixteen, causing him to possibly have committed third degree rape.

But that’s not stopping our fav slut Taylor from shooting his mouth off that in the end it was just plain him stroking ‘it’ in front of the girl. Blah!!

Come on Lawrence, do you really think we believe your lies? She told you she was 19-years-old, and you believed her and you banged her brains out before the cops showed up. And lets not forget that a condom was found in your hotel room. Your lawyer is an idiot for trying to deny that you did not use the condom and it wasn’t even yours; that’s not going to work in the court room buddy.

A word of advice Lawrence…don’t drop the soap.

Source: TMZ

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