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It’s time to finally watch Kendra Wilkinson have sex.


America is relieved you can finally get off.

It’s been going on for weeks, the accusations, the denials, the insinuations and the implications until girlfriend finally came clean and told America that she had in fact sold a version of herself doing the ‘dirty’ to Vivid Entertainment.

With reports that sales have been brisk, Kendra Wilkinson, the latest star out of No where ville, America stands to make a chunk of change for being immortalized from a reality mess to a now porn reality mess. Which is kind of reassuring for all those other messes in society contemplating their next step.

Who else is re assured is her husband Hank Baskett, but he ought to be because he stands to share in Kendra’s $680,000 paycheck for the tape’s release and the 50 percent of the profits.

The moral of the lesson? If you are going to be a slut, it’s better to do in front of national TV that way you can collect on the check waiting for you.

If you need to watch the video, click here, but we advise you don’t do it at work kids…

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