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Gary Coleman Dead…His Wife Shannon to Blame?


Man, I guess I’d be a real bitch if I mentioned that our lives really aren’t affected by the passing of child star Gary Coleman since, ya know…he was a…child star and he died a 42 year-old man with nothing except a psychotic wife. But yeah, I won’t mention that.

What I will point out is how it’s a bit shady and crude that his white trash-trailer park-lady friend-spouse that is Shannon, decided to take him off life support. Come on, the poor guy was only in a coma for 24 hours after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage. And wasn’t Bret Michaels recently in the same situation and now he’s the new Betty White?

Coleman and his wife have been in the press a few times after getting into physical altercations with one another. I think bitch wanted him dead so she could get a hold of his millions…are you done laughing now? Okay, I’m pretty sure Gary Coleman didn’t have millions, maybe not even hundreds. In fact, he still owes me $20!

I’m thinking the doctors over at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center weren’t getting any press although they had a celebrity (well…a child star) laying in their hospital passed out, so they didn’t even hesitate to weigh out any options to keep little ol’ Coleman alive.

Gosh, shopping malls and gubernatorial running just won’t be the same now that Gary Coleman has passed away.

Source: Dlisted & (LA Times email)

Gary Coleman nearly pulls the plug.

Gary Coleman can’t help getting in more trouble.

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price plan on annoying you this 4th of July.

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  • Gary- really should’ve paid back that $20…Oh well. The Editor.

  • I know you’re so right Henry,
    I’m a horrible person and I hate myself because of this article I wrote!

  • Henry

    FYI, when you lose a loved one in your older years you will realize that even if not that many people loved them it still matters what people say about him. Have a little bit of class and don’t always be so quick to make a low blow against someone who can’t defend themselves.