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Boobalicious Barbie

Everyone needs to stop what they’re doing and check out this new Barbie doll that’s causing quite the controversy amongst parents. Is the doll a lesbian…no. Pregnant…wrong again. So what’s the big damn deal? Her boobs are too big. That’s right folks, mothers everywhere are pissed that the new Barbie doll that was added to the Barbie Basics Collection, has better tits than they’ve ever had in their entire lives. Okay not really, but they are upset about the protruding amount of cleavage being put on display. If you ask me this Barbie looks like any working woman that’s trying to be successful in a man’s world. Sometimes you have to show a little boobage in order to get your point across; hey I didn’t make the rules.
Or maybe she’s dressed to go out on a date with Ken. This is the 21st century, Barbie knows she has to show a little skin in order to keep her man coming back for more…even if he is made of vinyl.
If you’re a cool mom and not a tight ass like most of you big bellied, overweight mothers then you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase the new Barbie at a Target nearest you and also other local retailers.
I don’t understand what the big deal is, Miley Cyrus wears tops that expose just as much cleavage and more, yet a mom will allow their child to watch hours among hours of Hannah Montana just so they can get their children out of their hair.
And another thing, would this Barbie doll be catching so much slack if she weren’t ‘stacking it’? I doubt it. Mattel knew what they were doing with exposing that much cleavage on Barbie. Welcome to another brilliant marketing campaign in America…

Source:Post Chronicle