Home Scandal and Gossip 40 000 sex workers will soon be converging South Africa.

40 000 sex workers will soon be converging South Africa.


This June it just wont be the World Cup soccer players that will be feeling a lot of heat.

According to a report out of globalpost, South Africa expects to see a huge influx of sex workers from as it quotes- from as far as Russia, the Congo and Nigeria to cater to the wide taste spectrum of some 400,000, mostly male, visitors and their apres-soccer needs.

Is this just a coincidence or a practical side effect of boys needing their sport and of course their post celebratory cheer?

Arguably, the soccer World Cup is to the sex industry what the holiday season is to candy shops. A temporary surge of excited people feeling collectively festive, willing to pay for a bit of extra indulgence.

How much extra do you wonder?

Henry Africa, 49, drives a taxi in Cape Town and, aside from the usual airport pickups and winery tours, he also operates the “Bright Red Tour,” which he expects to be a hit among soccer fans. For the equivalent of 500 dollars, he’ll shuttle customers from strip bar to strip bar all night and even bring them over to a safe-sex practicing prostitute, a relevant selling point in a country where one in five adults are estimated to be HIV positive.

In any event, the World Cup promises to be a stirring event, with Henry getting what he needs, FIFA- the sporting board getting what it needs, the South African economy what it needs and of course what the tourist and his well heeled companions getting what they want.

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