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Now Anna Paquin wants to let us know about her sexuality too.


The sense of entitlement coming out of show business.

What is it with show biz stars that are forever festooned to the idea that we need to religiously know every minute detail of their lives? Is this the latest episode of monkey see, monkey do? That said, yesterday, actress Anna Paquin decided to let us all know while shooting a promo that her sexuality is geared towards bisexuality. This on the back after singer Ricky Martin openly declared on his website that he was homosexual.

Is it common practice for these beings to be forever on our radar, serving as some sort of metaphorical barometer of what counts for cultural ennui? Did we really need to know that Anna is bi, do we really care, and if not, why did it make every tabloid’s headline? It does have to make one wonder and consider to what degree our culture is preened to the sensibilities of celebrities and their daily affections. A clever marketing tool perhaps but equally perhaps an even more clever marketing tool by those who own and run the press to not dig deep into real issues that should matter to the American public.

After all, we can talk about all the blow that Lilo snorts, all the boys Ricky does and now all the girls that Anna is into but when do we really ever talk about the state of affairs that legitimately affect most people? Last time this author checked the sexuality of Anna Paquin did little to assuage his moral or existential quandaries and the fact that yesterday this author’s landlord casually called him wondering if I’d make this month’s rent (I will Mr Batista, so shut up…). In any event , living in America is fun because we’re always surrounded by smoke screens and irrelevant trivia, but that said, I suppose a date with Anna is probably out of the question…