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The terrible demise of Nevada’s ‘prostitude,’ Marcus.


The heart breaks male prostitutes have to face.

An anomaly when he first came out, Marcus, America’s first legal male prostitute has within the space of 3 months decided to leave the industry that for a moment he had pretentious designs for. Written up by the big tabloids and ever the hot favorite to solve every lonely woman’s wounds this kitty has decided after only scoring 10 customers to go back to the world that makes so much sense for him- the porn industry.

That said we decided to have a think to ourselves and came up with the following ten reasons why Marcus failed to live up to the nation’s expectation of being a hot throbbing male gigolo.

1/ Marcus would probably have had more luck if he was illegal as opposed to legal. There is always something more heightened about getting it on with the illicit as opposed to the legal. Call it the human condition.

2/ Marcus has bad breath.

3/ Marcus was too good looking.

4/ American’s are hesitant about having sex with porn stars unless Tiger Woods has sex with them first.

5/It’s a misnomer to think females will pay for sex when in fact it’s only males who work themselves ragged to pay for sex.

6/ Marcus was ugly.

7/Marcus preferred the smell of mens organs and somehow women sensed this.

8/ America is full of men who will fuck a women for free. Most even offer to take them to dinner, something I believe Marcus did not offer.

9/ Marcus faked his orgasms.

10/ Marcus sold out and became a media whore instead.


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