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The Ballet teacher who couldn’t help turning her 15 year old student into a sex slave.


The primal urges that overcome some people.

Well, so much for decorum. From Britain comes the fascinating tale of 26 year old Sarah Pirie, a well (once) regarded ballet dancer and teacher who couldn’t resist the temptation of ‘stealing’ one of her 15 year old male students and hoarding him up in rank shank hotels as her personal sex toy. Reports the Daily Mail which specializes in bizarre stories of this nature:

A ballet teacher allegedly abducted a male pupil and had sex with him during a three-month affair. Sarah Pirie, 27, who has choreographed stage shows across Britain and has appeared in TV soaps Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road, is accused of taking the boy, aged 15, to hotels where she seduced him.

Perhaps she just wanted to give the young dancer some finer points in certain ‘dance’ movements? Or perhaps there was the thrill of the illicit, or of claiming that of a young nubile male? Continues the report…

Pirie, who is now living in Mamer, Luxembourg, spoke only to confirm her name and address at the two minute hearing. Her lawyer, Trevor Colebourne, told the court his client would be pleading not guilty to all the charges.

Well, we do wonder why our girl Sarah is now living in Luxembourg and can only wish her the best as she consolidates that side of herself that likes to cross what society for better or worse has touted as a no go zone. If only Sarah could get off on rich old fuddy lads that usually like to pounce on girls like her…(at least that’s not considered illegal…yet).


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