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Miranda Kerr Wants To Help The Aussie Jock Caught Beating-Off To Her


The things we should leave to the privacy of our homes.

It wasn’t meant to go down this way, just an innocent slip of the mouse, and now a high ranking Aussie trader’s career may be going down in flames all because he was caught accidentally looking at naked pictures of super model Mirander Kerr at work while one of his compatriots was on TV live explaining some useless detail about Aussie interest rates. In any event, have a look at the look of horror on the guys face as he suddenly realizes his jacking off to Miranda Kerr is happening live on Australian TV (1.30 mark).

That said, feeling sympathetic to the Macquarie Bank trader Dave Kiely (who is certain to be flogged by his bosses and then fired) super model Miranda Kerr is fighting hard to help Dave stay at the bank.

“I am told there is a petition to save his job and of course I would sign it,” said Kerr, who is in Australia.

The international model said she hoped his employer would not come down hard on Mr Kiely.

Mr Kiely is yet to meet with Macquarie Bank bosses  to discover his fate.

As we have suggested Mr Kiely will be viciously flogged and then fired. Oh well…

Source: News.com.au

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  • adam

    you made most of that up.

  • Rohan

    Beating-off? What?
    How is this even news, you’re just lying about things cause you have no journalistic integrity.