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Meet Markus. America’s first legal male prostitute.


‘Markus,’ is ready to service you.

Just in case you were wondering what ever happened to ‘legal’ male ‘hos’ let us introduce you to Markus, America’s first legal action man. Brought on by ‘Shady Lady Ranch,’ out in Nevada the college drop out is drooling to get you off all for just an agreed upon fee.

Reports the NY Daily News:

An Alabama native, Markus (an on-the-job pseudonym) is a college dropout and former U.S. Marine. He left his home state for L.A. with aspirations of making it as a porn star, but when he couldn’t break into the industry, he found himself unemployed and living in a homeless shelter outside of Santa Monica, Calif.

Porn star? What does being a failed porn star, college drop out and former US marines offer in making one a gigolo for hire? In Marcus’ case quite a lot…

He was vetted for hire from hundreds of gigolo applications, according to Jim Davis, who owns the Shady Lady Ranch with his wife, Bobbi. Markus was chosen in part because would not be fazed by publicity.

Markus has already become a sensation, causing a stir among the media, and Shady Lady’s competing brothels.

Sensation? Why not. It’s always good to know that your wife, girlfriend, brother and mistress can now legally be serviced by Markus, after all look deeply into those eyes…

In any event we don’t think it will be long before every red blooded male will consider a career change and finally become the legal ho they always dreamt they could be…


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