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UK man working at zoo guilty of penetrating pet Rottweiler.



A Wales man, Robert Edwards, 20, was found guilty of sex with a rottweiler. Witnessed by a neighbor, Richard Williams who shockingly witnessed the catering employee of Chester Zoo thrust himself for nearly a minute into the behind of his dog, one morning “I was shocked, I felt sick,” Edward is now facing serious allegations for improper behavior: Bestiality.

“What is wrong with the girls where you live, Mr. Edwards,” we wonder: “Rottweiler: Is that a code for a bloody damn good-lookin’ bloke? We’re sure you can do better, come on!”

The defendant, currently in trial, claims to have been drunk that day; he was out in Wrexham the night before with friends, and obviously hadn’t gotten laid: he was seen lifting his dog from its hind legs, last week, morning. Bestial photos of people inside Horses were all over his computer; he claims that was by ‘accident,’ sure, okay.

But one must come to wonder, if working at Zoos wrongly allured the deed. Should people be older, more mature to work in zoos? Should horny young British boys be banned or severely interrogated prior to letting them work in Zoos? Does this problem face more Zoos, internationally.

But then again, what would the priests, say? They couldn’t, Catholic priest have more allegations of a ‘human’ scale and we shouldn’t concern ourselves too much with Zoos. After all, if it was a good zoo, and to hold Mr. Edwards in too much contempt, would be silly. After all, 20-year-old boys in Wales are horny, and working at the zoo made him hornier.

If it weren’t a rottweiler it would’ve been a tree, now he’s going to have serious issues getting girls.

Fired from the zoo, Robert Edwards tell Press that he hopes to go back to college.

He wants to work with Animals again, someday, he hopes.

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