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Raping Lesbians to correct them.


sowetoSolving problems the South African way.

Here comes a tantalizing story of how to get lesbians to finally realize the wrong means of their ways and get them back on the straight on narrow.Out of South Africa comes a less than savory tale of how to negotiate sexual and behavioral inconsistencies in the preferred national character.

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Ky News has found evidence of widespread abuse against the lesbian community, resulting in a new trend of so-called “corrective rape.”

In the the township of Khayelitsha on the outskirts of Cape Town, a group of women said they live in fear for their lives. All of them claim to know someone who has been violently dragged off the street and raped because she had come out as a lesbian.

“We live in a society firstly that sees women as always having to be subservient to men, but it is even worse when you come out as a lesbian, and a butch lesbian at that. There is always that threat that you are going to be raped so you can become a ‘real’ woman,” says Funeka Solidaat.

But what is a real woman after all? is she only real as so far as she obliges herself to the perceived correct version of what is expected of her as opposed to what is expected of herself?

Funeka said she had been attacked on two occasions; on the second she was raped. She said the men covered their faces with ski masks and that she had been repeatedly threatened with rape in the township.

But what shocked her even more was the attitude of the police. “I told them I needed help because I’d been raped and I was just a laughing stock, ” she said. The police did not even finish taking her statement.

Do the police know something we don’t? Continues the article;

In Soweto, South Africa’s biggest township, one man roared with laughter as he said lesbians should be whipped. “There is no mention of lesbians in the Bible,” he said. His friends also approved of lesbians being raped to “correct” them and to “teach them a lesson.” They added “women should behave like women” and this was a way of “teaching” them.

In any event we are curious to see what the bible has to say about the man handling of these ‘subversives’ as opposed to the subversive action manifested against them.

Life in bible states can be hostile if you don’t listen to what is preferred of you, but at least there’s always Sunday when everyone can then forgive each other before resuming business Monday morning.

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