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Pudgy Keith Urban likes Donuts and Fatty Burgers—Not Nicole’s Kidman’s Vegetables



Urban’s heaping servings of sugar and fast Food is controversially different from Kidman’s skinny servings and possibly detrimental to his sexual performance.
Has any couple divorced over issues with food? Probably not too many, but we have a feeling Urban will need to thin out to keep their relationship sexual; Kidman will never fatten up.
Keith Urban, Kidman’s husband of nearly four years, never works out and loves fast food. Guess it is kind of tough to get full when your wife is a triple zero whose ribs often peer through her upper torso, “Urban’s belly is never full,” says the actress. Kidman has to keep feeding him sugar and demand that he work out but the actor, whose head seems remarkably inflated and big next to the rail thin Kidman in photos, continues to refuse to eat her bland food.
Wouldn’t any husband in Urban’s place sneak in Mcdonalds after dinner? Possibly NOT, when your superstar wife prefers otherwise. Her meals leave out some essential ingredients: Oil, butter, sugar and salt, apparently not enough for the country folk-singer, whose concerts require he pretty much standstill instead of actively dance. He doesn’t work out, either.
“My father is a marathon runner at 71, he takes Sunday for hour long hikes on his back,” she says.
What are Urban and Kidman going to do when Sunday grows up? Urban will sneak her burgers while Kidman’s on her photo shoot, and the notoriously thin Kidman will explode upon returning to find her now inflated daughter with a pimple. “Did daddy sneak you a greasy, mayonnaise-mustard, delectably savory burger?”

And her daughter will deny the accusation; begin taking her first steps toward an eating disorder.
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  • Joelle

    Whoah! Who let in the Keith Urban superfans? Chill out guys.

  • SUE

    Anyone even familiar with Urban knows he isn’t pudgy and has an impressive muscular physique. This is a fabricated silliness made up out of his wife’s quotes that make an assumption at point A and jump to point Z with no logic in between. Hope the Urban family and all families enjoy their holidays.

  • Anon.

    I don’t know where you got your info from but Keith Urban is far from pudgy. The man works out everyday at a gym plus two hours nightly on stage running from the beginning to the end of the show. Then again, I guess anyone would look pudgy next to skin and bones Kidman.
    Urban has travelled for yrs with a trainor, who also makes most of the food he eats while on the road. Just because Kidman considers a lettuce leaf a meal, I don’t think it’s fare to begrudge her husband a cheeseburger, from time to time.