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Thompson Manages 300 Orgasms a Day.


morefunThe things country girls can do…

Michelle Thompson from Lancashire, England has a very rare medical condition which gives her up to 300 orgasms a day. For a while this interesting situation (Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome,) troubled Michelle who would break into a cold sweat if she couldn’t be get herself off.

Says Michelle-

“I know I’m lucky to have so many orgasms when there are women who have never had one. But the condition has ruined my love life,”

How, you wonder?

Michelle’s first boyfriend bowed out after a few months saying he couldn’t keep up with her demands. Over the years, several others gave up. One with the concession that he was a man, not a machine.

She dated one man for five years but “by the time we broke up, he was exhausted, and left as a defeated man”.

Does this mean that Michelle will have to go living her life in torment and distress? Not anymore. Reports the Daily Telegraph:

She has been with her neighbour Andrew Carr, 32, for the past six months and he’s as keen for sexual intercourse as she is and they make love 10 times a day.

“Andrew has changed my life. I’m no longer looking for a cure for my orgasms – I’ve found it,” Michelle told The News of the World newspaper in the UK.

“Now I have a huge grin on my face all the time, and it’s not just because of the orgasms.”

The moral of the day- somewhere out there in the world there is someone just as horny as you and eventually you will find each other and then there will be bliss. Lots of it…

Daily Telegraph

Michelle Thompson, who has Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, finds man who satisfies her

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