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Roman Polanski gets to have fun in his chalet while he waits for pending rape case.


dumpWhat’s good for Roman is too good for you…

Out of Switzerland comes the interesting news that Roman Polanski will get to slumber, sleep in, party, internet surf to abandon and other yummies while his current arrest by Swiss authorities is switched to Chalet (we meant to say house) arrest. What precipitated this wonderful turn of events for Roman?

The $4.5 million bail that Roman posted, not bad work if you have access to that type of money kids.

Continues the report out of the LA Times;

Under the terms of the bail, Polanski, 76, will be electronically monitored and have his phone calls monitored as well. Gstaad, a village of 2,500 with mountain views, has long been known as a celebrity hangout, having been home to Elizabeth Taylor, Roger Moore and David Niven, among others.

Mmh, shame about the electronic bracelet bit- a trifle inconvenient we think. Fortunately it does get better:


Although he cannot leave his house, he can invite friends over and throw parties at the tony chalet in the ski resort of Gstaad.

“He will have no prison regime,” Justice Ministry spokesman Falco Galli told AFP. “He is completely free to determine his daily schedule. It’s also up to him to get in food and other supplies.”

Roman, we only have one thing to say to you- if you have a spare thousand dollars and you don’t mind picking up our airfare we’ll see you soon.

Celebrities get to have fun after all even if they are incarcerated.

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