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It’s official: the unofficial unemployment rate is 17.5 %.


NoMoney2 copyWatching the divide between the haves and the have nots getting wider. Capitalism in overdrive.

Out of the NYT’s comes the disparaging news that life in America is slowly becoming a train wreck that you have very little control over. Sensing that the drivel that the official unemployment rate is only 10.2 % the NYT’s dared to wonder what the actual unofficial unemployment rate is and the news isn’t exactly comforting.

What is perversely comforting is that if you happen to be employed your wages have actually gone up an adjusted one percent since a year ago (of course if you happen to be a wall street peon, your pay packet has gone up considerably more). But if, on the other hand, you are looking for work, finding it has become a terrifying experience with very little payoff. Most employers are not hiring (because they are making current overworked employees do the work you once stood a chance of doing). What does this all mean? In short, it means if you can’t figure out how to be gainfully employed or create your employment/business opportunities (after all this is America), you will be spending the rest of your (shortened) life miserably poor. But at least you will get to watch the TV hoopla you always complained you could never get enough off.

Getting ahead in America is getting tougher but at least if you are photogenic, obnoxious or somehow gifted at the gab, you always have the option of becoming a reality star misfit. We look forward to seeing your scrawny ass on the front cover. Good luck!

Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5%


  1. Every generation has proclaimed itself to be the last.

    And they have all been wrong.

    The sun will still shine; the grass will still grow; the stars will still twinkle, the water will still flow.

  2. Socialism brought us here. Only true Capitalism can bring us out.

    Read these:

    Crash Proof 2.0, Peter Schiff

    Meltdown, Thomas E. Woods

    Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Ayn Rand

  3. The Great Hulking American Neanderthal, spawn of over 200 years of force-feeding (no bigger bones than his found in all antiquity) for the purpose of rapid exploitation of the easily available resources of North America has run out of practical uses for his Capitalist, Corporatist procurers, and is now set free to starve in soup lines and suffer a horrible death in inevitable sickness, disenfranchised by the American Medical Cartel, by “Selection Committees” using criteria set up with their corporate ROI in mind, and by accountancies actuaries, not even government controlled, regulated! No hope for humanity here, only accountancies brutalities! Imagine! triage by accountants! Goddammit America! They die as we speak, even the Jews among them, carefully not noticed by Simeon Weisenthal Foundation, Old, long-dead German Jews being better P.R. in the world than live, but dying American Jews! Sadly, the American Military enrollment practices continue to aid and abet this American selective breeding process by shipping ne’er-do-wells to Afghanistan to clear way for a Halliburton(Dubai) pipeline through Afghanistan to Turkmenistan, as Mercenaries to our OPEC and Saudis over-lords. The Uber- Rich in America comfortable in their gated armed guarded villages of prosperity and special freedoms, deem it so – so be it! The dollar talks or nobody walks – the American Way! Buy a Judge for Xmas! Got more $$ than that, Get a congressman or two or powers untold through lobbiests! The common folk vote – Powerless, even Obama knows it now! “Free” America? Only if you want to believe so! and there is freedom in that – as any propagandist! It is the only “freedom” we have left!

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