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Designer Vaginas: the Risks We Take for Personal Perfection.

Designer Vaginas
Designer Vaginas: How safe are they?

Designer Vaginas: How safe are they? As more women continue to seek the perfect vagina little is known as to the long term ramifications as women are pressured to look perfect.

It’s the age-old holiday season dilemma: what do you get for the man has everything? And you can all breathe a sigh of relief, because there is finally a definitive answer: labiaplasty.

What greater gift can you offer your loved-one in the season of goodwill than to be willing to let a stranger slice into your lady-bits for the sake of aesthetics? I mean, you already have gravity-defying boobs, a washboard stomach, a perfect pout, and frown-free face, but there’s that nagging suspicion that your private smile is spoiling the overall effect.

So what’s a little bit more surgery? It’s only a little snip, a few stitches. And if it wasn’t safe then doctors wouldn’t do it, right? Wrong. There are no published studies into the long-term safety of labiaplasty, and according to researchers there is next to no research on the effects surgery may have on long-term sexual function.

But doctors are still performing the procedure, and women are still seeking it out, so why do women really want this surgery, and for whose benefit? I’m not convinced that it’s to please men. 

Unhappy with your vagina? Then it’s time for labiaplasty for ‘the Barbie’ effect.

Are designer vaginas normal? How women really feel about their vaginas….

Vagina Whitening. Have you tried it yet ladies?

Ladies have you tried the new vajacial? Will boost confidence in bed.

Perhaps I am naive, but in my experience men really don’t mind in the slightest what a woman’s bits look like, and for the most part just consider themselves fortunate to have been invited in for a viewing. 

The natural conclusion, then, has to be that this insecurity is coming from the women themselves. Lih-Mei Liao, a consultant psychologist at UCL according to a Times Online report  said that women’s insecurities are fueled by “advertisements that prescribe a homogenized, prepubescent genital appearance standard for all women.” I’m not sure what sort of ads she’s been watching, but you get the point.

When the only vaginas we see are the unnaturally perfect specimens brought to us courtesy of the porn industry, it’s really no wonder that so many of us experience some level of paranoia that we don’t look like pre-pubescent girls down below. And yet, we all know that most mortal men are not blessed with anything like a porno-penis, so why do women feel the need to live up to the female equivalent?

It seems our generation is hitting new highs in insecurity, and the lengths to which we will go to combat it, all the time. It seems like some seriously questionable rationale that justifies risking the loss of sensation – and right where you really don’t want to be losing sensation – as well as many more serious risks associated with unnecessary surgery in general for the sake of aesthetics, but that, apparently, is the world we live in.

So you might not be able to feel a thing, but that’s alright because at least you’ll look good. I for one know exactly what I will not be getting for christmas.


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