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Tracy Anderson is becoming an outcast. How the trainer to the stars became bad news…


andersWhat goes down can only keep going down.


Time to meet the newest vixen and trash scoop of the week. Once idolized and adored by star clientele like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna before being dumped (oh well…) – Tracy has now become the de facto public nuisance.

The latest scandal has Anderson facing a $1 million lawsuit for allegedly stiffing an ex boyfriend of hers who it seems unwittingly invested in her start up- “Let’s make Celebrities pay up for exercise machines.”

According to Glynn Barber, the stiffed ex boyfriend (but really who stiffed who?) He plunged a fortune into financing two fitness studios, a DVD and a Mercedes. But he claims she refused to pay him a return on her profits, forcing him to file for bankruptcy after they split in June 2007.

Yum, we like the Mercedes part , we bet that makes the sit ups that much more intense.

Continues Barber (does this feel like a soap opera anyone?)

“She used her female charms to manipulate me to invest $1 million in her company,”

Really Glynn, she made you buy that Mercedes. She twisted your arm right? Anyway Glynn, your ass is broke and we hope you have a six pack at the very least.

Moral of the day- Look before you leap…


Tracy Anderson – Personal trainer to the stars no longer a trainer to the stars.

NY Post- $1M suit hits Madge trainer

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