Home Scandal and Gossip The father that posed as a young boy to lure young girls.

The father that posed as a young boy to lure young girls.


white_vanAdventures in Cyber space get dizzy.

Welcome to the world of Lawrence Silipigni, father of two girls  – aged 10 and 7 who lured young girls to perform for him on the web based on the false belief he was a 17 year old. And when we say perform we mean sexually charged performances meant to illicit wonder and intrigue. The type of wonder and intrigue that got off both Lawrence and a whole slew of crew that he would sell the tape to.

The way this fun game worked involved getting dad to pretend he was a hot young man on the prowl (and of course when you are on the prowl there are bound to be a lot of other hot things out on the prowl, too). A good thing when you are in the business of getting unsuspecting young things to play into their imaginary worlds.

The cat eventually got out of the bag when one suspecting girl reached out to another girl telling her that she, too, had a thing with Jamie. The girls started talking to each other and they realized Jamie wasn’t exactly who he purported to be.

When confronted Silipigni confessed.

“Sigh,” Silipigni wrote back, the complaint alleges. “I’m lonely and hate being old.”

Don’t we all?

In any event, Silipigni is in deep trouble.

Sometimes fantasy has its limits, even in the comfort of our web camera…

Father poses as young boy to lure young girls into child porn

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