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Lesbian Kisses Woo the American Audience


jennifersbodyYou have a problem. You’re a Hollywood producer/director and unfortunately for you, your television show is tanking. What is the solution? Why, make two girls make out of course! In a day and age where sex sells, and sex drives all the forces in the media, it is no surprise that when you see two girls who aren’t lesbians experimenting and kissing on a movie screen or on TV, you can already feel and sense the desperation of the director.
Take for example, the TV show “Heroes.” Once one of TV’s most popular shows with a massive cult following everywhere, the show is slowly losing its audience. So what do the producers decide to do? Oh, you already know. On an upcoming episode, Hayden Panettiere’s character shares a kiss with Madeline Zima. Why? For what reason? I wish I knew, but I don’t care. Will the kiss intensify the plot and make way for an amazing season with a new incredible story? Probably not. Will the ratings go up a notch because people want to see two girls kissing? Probably.
Even the movie “Jennifer’s Body” starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, was doomed from the beginning. A campy story about a girl being possessed by a demon spirit who eats boys? That sounds more like an episode of Twilight rather than a feature movie. But the studio still had the balls to promote it and make it. Why? Because those two girls are hot, and there was a lesbian kiss. And must I add, the studio promoted the crap out of that one scene.

So, I guess it’s settled then. Whenever someone wants to sell something, there will be two girls kissing. When someone’s show is about to crash and burn, two girls will be seen kissing. When an obviously stupid movie is being advertised, an image of two girls kissing will be the poster. This is the sad reality of what are culture has become. Even sadder? We just can’t get enough.


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