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Pandemonium in TV kiddie land:When the drinking and the nipple rings come out.



What would Walt Disney say?


And another Disney star bites the X-rated dust. Following in the footsteps of stars such as Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, here is the newcomer to the hall-of-fame (or should we say shame?): Cody Linley. A part of the cast on the teeny-bopper show Hannah Montana, and a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, he must have been taking notes on how to become part of the pack whose collective dream seems to be to boldly spit in the face of Mickey Mouse. This 19-year old was snapped “drunk as a skunk,” according to reports, and making out with girls while letting them draw on his bare chest — and a bit more down below. Nice tan, I must say.

Oh, of course it’s a scandal already — the captions “raunchy,” “scandalous,” “wild,” “loving the nightlife,” probably are going to be splashed across these pictures as they circulate in the media. Followed by Cody Liney and his peoples apologizing and saying how it was blown out of proportion and it will never happen again. I have to say, a 19 year old, partying? Drinking? Making out with girls? Oh, the horror! Hide the children! But, come on people, in this world, isn’t that the ONLY life a 19 year old has? Partying to an excruciating extreme?

Then again, he is under contract with DISNEY, not MTV. There is a certain level of propriety that these Disney stars have to value. The only fans they have are little girls — what would these girls think when they see their idol looking like a loose drunkard? But seriously, Mickey Mouse-ers! Have fun! You’re at the age to do so! But why is it so goddamn hard for you kids to be discrete? Don’t take pictures with random club-goers! If you want to, don’t take off your shirt and let them draw on you! Isn’t that what every person tries to avoid when they’re drunk? And a word to the girl flashers: you guys were what? 15? 16? when those photographs were taken? Enjoy your youth! You have enough time when you’re doing “edgier, darker” roles to show the world your va-jay-jays and ta-tas.

If only the image fit the reality.


  1. why u a problem with that?i’m a girl and he is my crush but when i saw this pics i said ”oh ok he is 19.he can do everything that he want.he was drunk so?people get drunk all the time and do mistakes.”.stop say that everyone had done scandals.it isn’t scandal it’s a mistake

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