Home Scandal and Gossip Megan Fox confirms for us having a vagina is an asset.

Megan Fox confirms for us having a vagina is an asset.


foxThe clever things that young women think of…

Here’s a tip for all you women out there- if you have a vagina then you are in luck because you are now capable of ruling the world.

According to public nuisance Megan Fox, who makes a front cover appearance on Cosmo magazine, reveals something that we’ve all been wondering since we reached puberty. Do women with vaginas get what they want? Never mind the ‘bad girl sex, ‘ and ‘the sexy ass workout’ that Cosmo is peddling on the front cover(are they trying to remind us that they invented the vagina?).

SAYS Megan-

“Women hold the power because we have the vaginas… If you’re in a heterosexual relationship and you’re a female you win.”

What Megan neglects to consider is that not all heterosexual men are into debasing themselves and becoming suckers in the hope of getting sex. Most are, but we can still point out men who think with their intellect and can smell scoundrels like Megan a dirty martini away.

In any event the world will continue to spin with Megan somewhere in it too…

Cosmo: Powerful Women Use Their Vaginas, Not Their Voices

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  • BadGirl36

    How certain are you about this information? ,

  • ianvens

    Zombie Sigmund Freud is right! If you happen to be rich, famous, attractive, and male, the girls will line up around the block for you. Unfortunately, that is about 5 percent of the male population. See Pedigree Plus article for more insight into unrealistic goals.


  • Dr. Freud

    I think the penis is the real power. There are far more better looking or attractive women than men, thus, we are a limited or rare commodity. Add a little wealth and power to that mix and you/the man, can pick and choose whatever vagina he wants, and believe me, they will line up for their turn!!! Or even deal with you dating other women. Remember its good to be King! Because the Queen still has to get down on her knees and suck the royal sceptor…

  • Lord Nelson

    women who have the vagina, ass, face and legs to match, is a priceless asset. women who have a dirty vagina become a liability…..

  • ザンクルス

    Yeah the puss is power, it’s a passage way to monthly bleeding & 9 months of half my DNA. Sure, that shit’s a bonafide gold mine. When I’m done, I wipe him off on your 1000 thread count bedsheets and be out.

  • Thanks for clarifying life for us Cyrano!

  • Cyrano

    I thought she was only into anal

  • Stoopind

    That’s why god invented Cocktails.