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It’s confirmed. Runaways trade sex for survival.


truant copyGetting by in America.

Out of the NYT’s comes a disparaging tale of an increasing trend amongst teenage runaways who are forced to trade sex for survival.

Quoted in the NYTs about one teenage runaway particular experience-

They had sex, and he soon became her boyfriend. Then one day he threatened to kick her out if she did not have sex with several of his friends in exchange for money.

A way of life or just a wonderful way to take advantage of vulnerable kids-

That first exchange of money for sex led to a downward spiral of prostitution that lasted for 14 months, until she slept in his garage apartment for months.

A fun way to spend holidays and special occasions no doubt. The fun continues…

Nearly a third of the children who flee or are kicked out of their homes each year engage in sex for food, drugs or a place to stay, according to a variety of studies published in academic and public health journals. But this kind of dangerous barter system can quickly escalate into more formalized prostitution, when money changes hands.

A fun inspiring story no doubt to get you in the mood because having to use your body is a savvy way to go. We all know sex sells and anyway what would you do if you couldn’t get your fill of vulnerable teenagers?

Surely there’s help for the kids. Well let’s think again.

The barriers to rescuing these children are steep: including state cuts to mental heath services, child welfare agencies incapable of preventing them from running away, and a death of residential programs where the children can receive counseling.

So where do I find my very own vulnerable teenager to abuse? I am kind of interested if you catch my drift.

They said they went after girls with low self-esteem, prior sexual experience and a lack of options.

And what’s the carrot that you use to lure the kids-

“With the young girls, you promise them heaven, they’ll follow you to hell,” said Harvey Washington, a pimp

Mmh, sounds like what I need to do. But how did the system fail the kids any way?

In 2007, Congress nearly approved a proposal to spend more than $55 million for cities to create pilot programs across the country modeled on the Dallas system. But after a dispute with President George W. Bush over the larger federal budget, the plan was dropped and Congress never appropriated the money.

Sex in America makes the world go round, even if its straight to hell. Young vulnerable girls are in, shouldn’t you be abusing one yourself?

For Runaways, Sex Buys Survival