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Day 6 of the Polanski Scandal. Polanski confirmed a scumbag…



When the nitty gritty starts to come out…

As the collective world digs deeper into the Polanski fiasco it seems some very unsavory truths are starting to come out which at the very least question the integrity of Polanski.

Latest excavation of dubious behavior of said public figure includes the revelation according to the LA times that in October 1993, Polanski agreed to pay Geimer (the 13 year old girl he raped in 1978 and later agreed to settle with out of court) $500,000 with interest, according to the settlement documents. He was given two years to pay.

But her attorneys said in a filing that the director missed the 1995 deadline.

Of course none of this has stopped our man about town from protesting coming to terms with his obligations to Geimer and ultimately society whose laws he went afoul against.

In any event, while we are waiting to see what other nasty stories get to come out of Polanksi’s closet, one thing is for sure:  whatever he has hidden there promises to be a media frenzy. No matter what your position on Polanski, the question ultimately does beg “when is enough enough?”

Roman Polanski was to pay Samantha Geimer a $500,000 settlement

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