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The Top ten reasons why Women have sex.


women-have-sexWhat a man needs to know or otherwise life is not worth living.


According to the UK’s Sun the number one reason why women have sex is because you managed to take the bins out and keep the house looking clean.

Other reasons include ‘to get over a head ache’ and third in place ‘been taken out to dinner.’

That said we decided to compile our own list of why women really have sex, you may or may not agree with it, that said if you care about us getting laid (it’ll keep the writing less cynical) you might wan t to let us also know what you think.

From bottom to top.

10/ Because we beg, and ultimately a woman can’t stand a crying man.

9/ Because Oprah Winfrey said it’s a good idea.

8/ Because Perez Hilton will threaten to call you a ‘bitch’ and a ‘whore’ if you don’t (of course that doesn’t make sense but since when did the hand bag bimbo ever make sense?).

7/ Because he reminds you of Brad Pitt if you close your eyes long enough.

6/ Because you made an effort to be romantic and for a moment she fell for it.

5/ Because she loves you, but we already know that’s just the wine talking.

4/ Because you promised to take her on a nice holiday.

3/ Because you promised to buy her a new pair of Jimmy Choos.

2/ Because you actually make her feel good but only after you take the rubbish out.

1/ Because once in a while a woman has got to get off too.

Reason women really have sex

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  • Mohamed M. Anis

    Because they did not know God and they without religion.