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The ATM Sex Hustle has finally arrived.


atm-sexWhen hustling high end drunkards beats having to ‘blow’ them…


Welcome to the newest ‘fun’ game in town that if you are really at good at playing will see you getting rich very fast but if you are bad a trip straight to jail. Mmmh, you’re probably wondering how to play this game anyway.

First you need to be conspicuously attractive, able to jolt a man’s ego and spot ‘money bags’ when you see him and then fleece him the first chance you get. Ok- now that you know the main rules of this game- how do you play ‘ATM Sex Hustle?’

Well according to recent high end ‘ATM Sex Hustler contestants’ – (who after a string of compelling wins finally met their match when they came across a not so stupid lawyer- an anomaly we are sure…) Tiffany Rasberry, Barbara Labady, and Subhanna Beyah the way the game ideally works is as follows-

“They knew just who to look for,” said one detective. “Pretty much drunk guys looking to get from point A to point B. They’re in a good mood and figure, ‘Let me take a ride.’

Ok. So to play this game you need to hang out where a lot of ‘high end’ drunk guys hang out, that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. But here comes the tricky part – the fleecing part. How does that actually work?

Well ladies what you need to do is lather up said drunk/fool/nascent victim by stroking his ego, rubbing his torso, feeling for where the wallet may be, get him to take you to an ATM machine where you once again giggle like a little fool, stroke him, maybe show a bit of ass while one of your girlfriends quickly memorizes every number he punches in as he withdraws money out. Then when said fool is not paying attention you create a diversion, pick pocket his ATM card, kick him out of the car/taxi onto the street curb and drive like hell to the nearest bank machine, just like Tiffany, Barbara and Subhanna used to (until unfortunately for them they got caught).

The ‘ATM SEX HUSTLE’ wont let you down until that is it does let you down…

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