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Should Sex and the City really have ended?


sex-and-the-citySure, they claimed to have left at the most appropriate time, however, what’s with the movie? Then the sequel?


It feels as though in a couple of years I’m going to be standing in line for the premiere showing of Sex and the City 7: The Death of Samantha Jones. Don’t get me wrong — just like any other New York-ian woman, I love me some Carrie and Big drama. Yet, wasn’t it more of a treat for all women to nestle in on their sofas at night and watch an hour long episode of the show every week? Why do the creators feel the need to depart from the TV show to leave the audience with a fresh taste in their mouth, then return on the big screen only a few years later?

When Sex and the City is just another push for dollars the fun suddenly disappears- then it becomes Sin and the City.

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