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Sex and the City is back in New York City and the crowds love it


sex-and-the-city-is-backWhen living imaginary lives for the cameras causes road blocks…


It’s been reported that the sequel to Sex and the City Movie has started shooting this week in Manhattan and the crowds are going gaga over the actresses as they brave coming out of their trailers to play some imaginary rendition of some amazing life that most of the bystanders will never experience, have never experienced are unlikely to experience and if they do will dither with existential woe.

With onlookers crowding Cynthia Nixon and Kim Catrall as they took to the streets, Ms. Nixon had to eventually seek solace in her trailer as the world all over took refuge in the idea that she could create some sort of idyllic gimmick – of woman in her 40’s getting to go out with all the city’s hot studs who all happen to be ex models, live in 2000 sq foot loft and make bonanza pay packets. Wishful thinking we think. Fantasy? The very best. But isn’t that what the movies are for?

When reality is far more grimmer than a soap opera box that gives you disinfected hyperbole throwing up is usually a fail safe resort…


Sex And The City fever hits New York as fans clamber to get a glimpse of Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall

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