Home Scandal and Gossip School teacher jailed for having a lesbian affair with pupil.

School teacher jailed for having a lesbian affair with pupil.


lesbian-affair-with-pupilTeachers have all the fun.

We don’t know about you but we have been noticing a very interesting trend with teachers lately- that is that they really ‘really’ like the students they get to teach all day long. From one school teacher who eventually got jail service for doling up blow to one of her students to another having a liaison tre dangerous with a minor and to the science teacher who couldn’t keep his tongue literally where it belonged and his curiosity about their sexual practices – just that a curiosity.

Now out of London comes to the ‘fun’ story of Helen Goddard otherwise known as the ‘Jazz lady’ (we bet…) who has been sentenced to 15 months jail for having up to 6 instances sexual affairs with a same sex minor. For her troubles or let us call it her intrigue the ‘Jazz Lady,’ has forever lost her teaching credentials and has been forced onto a sexual offenders list (a list that no matter how giddy you are feeling you really never want to make…).

What makes this case even more intriguing is that Goddard’s teenage lover (who apparently instigated the romance which included get aways to Paris- yum) has vowed to wait for Goddard despite her currently being below the age of 16.

English law stipulates that a teacher and pupil cannot legally have a sexual relationship until the pupil is 18, even though the age of consent in England is 16.

The moral of the story- it might be natural to have urges with the opposite or even same sex but acting on them especially while you have a fiduciary relationship with them or if they are a minor will often see you in hell.

That said we wonder if said minor will be waiting for Goddard when she eventually gets out of jail. But really you already know the answer to that…

Public school teacher is jailed for 15 months for lesbian affair with pupil