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Fun in Wisconsin ends with a glued penis in a motel room.


fun-in-wisconsin-endsWhen there’s never a shortage of rednecks…


Meet the brainy team of Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell and Thereswe Zieman. Before they hatched the crazy plan that led to them now all having to stand trial for their roles in a staged motel tryst that ended with a man tied to a bed, his penis super-glued to his stomach, they all had one ‘fun’ thing in common.

What you may wonder? They were all intimately involved with the victim – who entered the court room to field questions regarding his involvement as the perpetrated wearing an orange jump suit because of his incarceration for another another un related crime (are you getting the picture? Just read on, these people were all seriously made for each other).

Hurt and obviously distressed that the man was having trysts with all of them at the same time the girls (the wife and his two girlfriends, yes 2 girlfriends…) decided girl revenge was necessary and hatched a plot to lure him to a Stockbridge motel on July 30 and confront him.

In theory the plan sounded wonderful and one can imagine would have been a fun afternoon silently tormenting each other as to why people do stupid things to each other. (said perpetrated victim had a history of abuse, reckless endangerment and borrowing your money with no intention of ever returning it to you).

But the fun (as always ) got a little out of hand when the girls decided to leave said perpetrated victim tied to the bed naked and with his penis (yes that word again…) super glued to his abdomen.

Eventually able to free himself he then called the police and the women for their troubles and stupidity now potentially face up to 6 years in prison.

The moral of the lesson- don’t get involved with idiots and become one yourself.

When taking the law into your own hands can leave you with a very sticky situation…

Women face trial for staged motel tryst ending with glued penis



  1. the redneck was having sex with all 3 rednecks at different times, each one unaware that there were other rednecks in the picture until they finally found each other and plotted revenge on the instigating redneck.

    Rednecks are rednecks no matter which state they come from- it’s the attitude that provokes our wonder.

  2. i dont understand what the writer means, was the guy having sex with all three at the same time or having sex with all three but on seperate occasions ?

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