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Aussie Father rapes and has kids 4 kids with his own daughter.


aussie-father-rapesThe saga of dads who rape their own children continues…


Has the world totally gone mad? Or rather have fathers gone mad? Or even better what is it with dads that prey on their own daughters? Fantasy or not is this type of behavior to be tolerated?


Here we go again- this time out of Melbourne, Australia comes the fascinating (ok, unbelievable) story of a as yet an unidentified man who had kept his own daughter locked away for 30 years while fathering four children with her. Scrumptious we know…Apparently the perpetrator’s wife, the mother of the victim claimed she knew nothing was going on since according to her ‘they all live in a big house…’


Of course it gets more interesting when you find out that the state knew something was amiss when welfare workers first alerted the state 30 years ago as to suspicions of foul behavior. Then in 2005 when the victim first reached out to the police it took 2 years before anything was done about the situation.


Initially denying the attacks the perpetrator was later found after paternity tests were performed to be guilty of 83 attacks. As of now the perpetrator is said to be facing charges in November.


All this in the face of recent revelations of freak Phillip Craig Garrido and the Austrian freak- Fritzl. What of course strikes us as very unnatural behavior and by moral/social standings as appalling one has to wonder if this type of behavior is consistent with people who like to have sex with dead people, animals and young children. On one side it’s a fantasy that gets acted out and for various periods of our collective history (pharaohs in Ancient Egypt would marry at age 12) some of this behavior was permissible but now the fantasy has become heresy if acted out.


In any respect the Australian press is up in arms and calling for the resignation of Victoria’s Community Services minister, Lisa Neville.

When sexual straying leads to inconsistent behavior you have to wonder where it all comes from…

The ‘Australian Fritzl’: Man had 4 children with daughter he sex abused for 30 years