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The Science Teacher who really wants to be a Sex(ual) Teacher.


hanky-wankyHanky wanky on the job…


Meet Keith Ogunsola, he’s the newest teacher the kids are talking about and at the same time trying to stay out of his classroom. Spared jail for forcibly making out with one of his fourteen hear old students ( a school crush no doubt…) because of a heart condition Mr. Ogunsola has suddenly put new meaning into teacher /pupil relations.

Students were also visibly embarrassed when Mr. Ogunsola on a number of times veered from the school curriculum to enquire which of his female students had performed various sexual acts on their boyfriends. A science quiz no doubt…

Forever banned from ever working as a teacher and put on the sex offenders list the violated student recalls as Ogunsola slipped his tongue into her mouth saying;

Won’t you be my Valentine?’

Disturbing as it all may be we do wonder what prompted Mr.Ogunsola to misbehave and whether he would just be better off instead having a four hundred baboon prodding the inner side of his thigh at some future date?

Teachers, they think they can teach you everything…

Teacher who French-kissed 14-year-old schoolgirl spared jail because of his heart condition

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