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Stripper cleared of ‘accidental’ rape.


stripper-linda-naggsThe dangerous things one can do with a sex toy…


Out of Sydney, Australia comes the lush tale of Linda Maree Naggs who was acquitted of rape charges after she ‘accidentally’ raped the best man at a ‘bucks’ party get together.

Hired to ‘service’ the lads, Ms. Naggs had the best man on all fours and naked from his knees upwards when she took the sex toy and stuck it somewhere (not his mouth) despite pleas from the best man ‘NOT’ to go there.

Aghast, the best man came running back from the lavatory and showed Ms Naggs a bloody mammary gland and insisted on getting his money back (what’s a best man to do?).

Refusing Ms. Nash then threatened to get the ‘biker’ gang onto the best man unless he left the premises.

In any event the best man left the premises ‘newly’ anointed but only because it was accidental (after all kids accidents do happen- the first one even turning up for such venture we assume) and as for Ms Naggs she openly wept when the jury came back with a ‘not guilty.’

Sex toys are fun, but please kids, handle with care, as sometimes they may end up going least where you expect them or where you would like them or perhaps do like them anyway…

Stripper Linda Naggs cleared of bucks party ‘rape’

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  • Noni

    Wow…umm why would she even think that was okay to do to a man in the first place. I’d still sue her for distress in civil court.