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Monster abductor blogger sexual predator now feared to be a serial killer.


monster-abductorWhen the horror show suddenly veers way out of control…


The disbelief continues, even the psycho’s dad thinks he’s responsible for a string of murdered prostitutes. This as authorities bring in dogs to sniff the compounds of freak Garrido as it now emerges that he may also be responsible for a string of unsolved murders in the vicinity over the last 20 years.

As reported in the UK’s Daily Mail, detectives are now swarming Garrido’s compounds looking for evidence in his possible involvement in the death of ten prostitutes and missing 15 year old school girl Lisa Norrell. You literally have to pause and catch your breath and wonder where Garrido found the energy, stamina to first kidnap an eleven year old girl- Jaycee Lee Dugard, rape her and then father her two children, hold the three of them against their will and then go out in his spare time and look for more victims all while everyone lived openly in front of neighbors in his backyard. Admittedly it takes a good 40 seconds to try and wrap ones mind around Garrido’s torrent escapades but then again this is what disbelief and Freddy Kruger are all about.

When you think it’s safe to go out and play just remember there used to be a freak sexual blogger serial killer who used to salivate watching you…

When some things are way beyond decorum…

Revealed: Jaycee’s ‘polite’ emails which show key role she played in pervert kidnapper’s family printing firm

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