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Topless Bathing. Is it something you’re willing to try one day?


sunbathinThe perils of showing some nipple in America…

According to Jezebel (gloss trash journal for gloss loving women) the girls over in France are beginning to protest with the idea of going topless. From issues of skin cancer, fines in certain parts for going topless and the feminist assault on becoming prized objects the European women are getting confused and donning their one piece outfits in increasing numbers.

Of course for anyone who has been to Spain, Italy, or Greece you know that’s hubris and that at the end of the day hedonism will always prevail. Which beseeches our next thought, will you ever go topless in America?

We can already imagine the media fissure, with the likes of Bill O’Reilly and their best friends Larry King going gaga and suddenly wondering out aloud if this is the plot of some new Taliban operative to secretly coerce and convert good American boys and girls into European trash and pansies

We also wonder how most of us will receive the visage of the American women who let’s admit it unless she doesn’t live in LA or NYC is sporting a size 18 ass (but each to his own we say…) and looking suddenly rather horrid in her public state of undress. Of course that wont stop half of America crying and groaning and suddenly turning up to the beach and gawk.

Of course that something you’re not likely to do anytime soon is it?

The French Turning On Breasts? Helas!

  • Geoff- you are a complete trooper amongst other things…

  • Geoff

    I haven’t bathed since I was a kid, but I shower completely nude.