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Slate magazine informs us that being a ‘porn writer’ doesn’t pay the bills.


sasha-grey-2Careers budding writers will have to forsake and other fun things.

In this morning’s edition of Slate, an expose on the travails of being a porn writer are taken into consideration, and lo and behold we now find out (and confirm our worst fears that after magazine writers like us) porn writers make ditto.


Well, let’s think about it. When you go and watch porn are you really interested in the dramatic structure and narrative of the story line or just the part when little Marcia turns up in your room breathless and in need of an instant back rub.

Really, how bright do you need to write stuff like this? Interestingly enough we were also intrigued to find out ‘porn writer’s’ salaries have been hit hard by the recession.

Strange- you would think with less money to go home more people would stay home and xxcx

Well, what do we know? But at least we’re willing to be there’ll always be a career for a budding writer, but maybe then again it might be more fun to just become the ‘porn actor.’

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  • dallas 422

    Wow! Next maybe they can let us know if water is wet.