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Is Bestiality something you should be trying soon?


horsesThe ‘fun’ things that go down in South Carolina.

Have you heard of Rodell Vereen? Well, we’d like to introduce him to you. It seems our ‘friend’ Rodell has an insatiable appetite that’s right not for fourteen year old girls even fifteen year old boys or grandma’s for that matter. No, ‘our’ boy Rodell has a fascination for Mrs. Barbara Kenley’s horse. A sexual fascination that is.

Whether out of modesty or grim circumstances the sex of Mrs. Barbara Kenley’s horse wasn’t revealed but either way we dare not imagine girl or boy what ‘our’ boy Rodell was exactly up to.

To tantalize matters, it was also revealed that Rodell was earlier charged for having sex with yes the same sex some time ago (which kind of implies there’s some serious feelings going on here…) and as a consequence Rodell was placed on a sex offender’s list (I know, it’s terrible) and charged with buggery (something they only charged you back in the day if you had sex with another man if you were a man, but now we guess it applies to a male horse too?)

Concerned that Rodell may try to continue his tryst with Mrs. Barbara Kenley’s horse she decided to install cameras around the stableswhich ultimately gave Rodell anyway.

Momentarily considering shooting him there and there, Mrs. Barbara Kenley restrained herself and considered the unsavory thought of spending the rest of her life in prison an unsavory one.

Of course Rodell didn’t consider turning up to the stables as an unsavory one, far from it…

In any event, Rodell is in prison now and let us say if you were ever considering bestiality do so at your own risk, because we’re not sure how Mrs. Barbara Kenley is going to hold on if you come anywhere near her horse with a hard on…