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German brothels finally offer pay one ‘fxxx’ all policy.



Making your dollar work harder in a recession…


You know times are tough when the Germans offer you a ‘pay for one girl and get as many girls’ as you like policy. The new free structure modeled on ‘all you can eat’ policy popular with many restaurants seems to have generated a sudden increase in business in the thriving back woods of Germany. In a country where prostitution is legal and well tolerated (yes those Europeans we hear you murmuring) the policy has struck a nerve with sex workers and even the police.

With workers paid a flat fee for turning up to work as opposed to a fee per ‘John,’ we sense a lot of the ‘girls’ are not exactly thrilled as brothel owners come up with innovative ways to raise revenues. With increasing crack downs by the police and effectively a coercive way to exploit workers and humans one has to wonder how long this all stands to stay.

In any event next time you are in Europe and are in need of some ‘rotating’ company may we suggest Germany, assuming morals and the idea of exploitation doesn’t come into your conscience.

Getting through tough times has suddenly got tougher, maybe you’ll just stick with ‘all the eat policy’ instead.

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