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Amy Winehouse likes her fans so much that she gives them black eyes…


amy-winehouse-likes-her-fanThe fun things that Amy likes to do to her fans even if she’s sorry after…

What is it with celebrities that misbehave, act beyond any sense of proprietary and despite if all receive more adulation and desire from the masses? In this week’s special foray of celebrity faux pas and toxic behavioral sessions comes the tale of ‘infamous’ Amy Winehouse who apparently the courts are told used ‘deliberate and unjustified violence’ after a fan asked for Amy’s autograph after a concert.

It’s true to say that the recipient of Amy’s swinging fist Sherene Flash was probably just awe inspired to be near her ‘idol’ but Amy being loaded and all was not so willing to oblige(hence Sheren’s big black eye…).

It does make us wonder why celebrities, and while we’re on celebrity- let’s include tyrants too – are allowed to act without recourse to the law.

We wonder what would happen if you tried this at home?

In any event Amy has got to go to court and repent while her the cash ringer blares out of control.

The moral- if you can become a celebrity or a tyrant you too can behave without impunity.

See who said life is fair, but then again you really probably wouldn’t like Amy if she were held to laws and social conduct that you and are obliged to- so next time Sherene may we advise you duck and then ask for the autograph…

Amy Winehouse ‘hit dancer in the eye with deliberate and unjustifiable violence’ at charity summer ball

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