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Alicia Storrie- the 22 year old girl who couldn’t help raping other ‘girls.’


kp_dollA story of indecency, impropriety, drugs and lust. Adventures in Australia’s bushes.

Here’s a story about a particular individual who herself underwent her own traumatic adolescence who then preyed upon other young girls (12 and 15 year olds) with alcohol, drugs to get them to a place of vulnerability where she then preyed on them in return.

Lewd acts consisting of ‘penetration,’ taking advantantage of these girls own vulnerability and duress the young Alicia managed to end up getting herself a 5year sentence and the honorable mention of being forever placed on the Australian state of Victoria’s ‘fun’ list of sex offenders registry.

Of course we do wonder what exactly led to Alicia going astray, wonder why the perpetrated girls exposed themselves to young Alicia, wonder what this means about young women bonding and whether Alicia could of have done better if she just liked boys.

In any event, Alicia’s probably wondering along with us.

When young girls go astray, in the bush or not…

Woman jailed for sexually assaulting four younger girls

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  • Disgusted

    I knew this girl.. met her at the place i worked, where she was dating a much older worker there.. he himself, was divorced, with 5 young kids..
    she never came across as being mentally disturbed, etc etc.. But she was definately weird..
    and i know shes not just a lesbian..