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A Mid Summer Night’s Read- please be careful of ‘his erection.’


aphroditevenusGloria Vanderbuilt goes for the jugular amongst other things.

Because my subway rides are worthy of more focused lusty daydreaming-

…“Long slow delicious process of licking your cock… and since I must have your honey milk even more than the bee…”

Finally a sassy woman over 80 with no shame; who says cock, licking and pussy with grace still intact. Gloria Vanderbuilt might be 85 but with her high brow list of lovers through the years, this book might be a turn on with some truth to it.

Her novel titled Obsession,’ claims to be fantasy, yet we do not much care as any time nipple clips and S & M make their way into literature fun is bound to be had. With the porn industry suffering maybe it is time for real writers to step in and get our loins throbbing ….mentally, not just visually. Thus this leaves some hope for the next generation of love makers who we thought would be destine to date online, bookmark youporn.com or sext their way to climax. Plus, holding this book over your tea cannot help but get someone of interest coming over to chat.

‘I’m Always In Love’

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