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Guess where you can drop off your next local sex offender…


sex-offenderThere’s a special place waiting for a select group of some very ‘special’ people, let’s all find out where.

Next time you’re in Miami, veer off the Julia Tuttle Causeway and head over just under the bridge (literally) where a collective of 70 previously convicted and now released sex offenders are now living amongst bums, mentally insane people all because there is literally no other place in the state that they can legally live without breaking the code of never been anywhere near within 2500 ft where children congreagate- being schools, parks, churches, etc.

This has led to an interesting situation that these people are now being forced to live beyond the edges of society and under the sewers. Sure their crimes are never fun and we hope time served brought justice but really where’s the justice of a law that has all these people now living in squalor and despair, and of course unsupervised (which we’re sure you like too…)

The moral of the story- don’t ever commit a sex crime, maybe or how about never commit a sex crime in Miami…either way it’s a bridge we’re loathe to drive onto.

Miami’s tent city for sex offenders

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