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Did Bill Clinton go in for the Lap Dance?


bill-clinton“I did not have lap relations with the lap dancer…”

We read with intrigue this morning about former president Bill Clinton’s possible foray in Beunos Aries, Argentina. Reports have it the ladies man was up and about and that he and his entourage later had a “noche de soltero” (boys’ night out) at a well-known cabaret called Crocodilo, where a certain Andrea Rincón, a “morocha” (brunette) who was “pulposa” (well-endowed) and a former participant in the popular TV reality show “Big Brother,” did a private “baile hot” for him, according to the Web site of the news weekly Perfil, ) though it’s not clear exactly what that dance involved, according to the Washington Post.

Whether or not Bill had the lap dance we are trying to work out why it should make for so much news, after all in some parts of the world (Italy and France for ex) it’s par for the course to have the occasional mistress. As for lap dance, we say ‘why not?’

What’s good for the Wall st trader after work is occasionally good for an ex president after the occasional hundred thousand dollar speech. At least we bet he tipped her well…(assuming he had ‘lap relations’ that is)

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